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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I access FTP for my website?

To access FTP, you can open any of the popular FTP Programs & enter the information below into the correct corrisponding field within the program

Server: OR your website address

Username (your cPanel user)

Password (your cPanel password)

Port (leave this default)

Then press connect. You should be able to see your website's content.

Note: 'public_html' is where your website's files are located, and is where any changes or additions to your site should be made so that they are viewable by you and your users by navigating to your website.
Addtionally; you may create addtional FTP users (if your plan allows) for your employees to manage specific areas of the website contents. Be cautious as to who you provide this information to. Do not share your cPanel User/Pass with ANYONE requiring FTP acess to your website; as they will also have access to your cPanel which controls EVERY aspect of your website and how it functions. If you need to provide FTP access to someone; create them a login of thier own. If you need assistance with this; please reach out to Support.

How do I access my website control panel?

You can access your website control panel by navigating to ''.

You can also go to & select 'Client Controls' on the bottom of the website.

From here you will enter the username & password created when you purchased your hosting package

 Addtionally you may visit (and bookmark) which contains ALL the links to various locations of the website for our customers.

What if I run into content problems with my account and/or the site?

If you are experiencing content related issues with a 3rd party application on your website (such as vBulletin, phpBB, WordPress, etc) then you will need to reach out to the vendor of that software for assistance. Our support team will not beable to provide support for these issues.
If you need some settings modified to enable to use of a 3rd party application; and you are unable to do so or know how, you may open a support ticket with us. We will do our best to guide you; but ultimatly the support for the software should come from the vendor itself. We will strive to make sure any software or program you have is capable of running on your website. 

If you have a website that was designed & created by Shy Hosting, then please create a General Support ticket in your 'Billing & Support Panel' or contact a member of the support team via Live Support*

Do you support 3rd party software?

Unfortunately, we do not support any 3rd party software or software provided by a vendor other then Shy Hosting (this includes the software included in our Fantastico De Luxe auto installer)

For support with software you have installed on your website, please refer to the appropriate vendor's website and contact their support team

Do you have a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, if you try us on for size and feel that it just isn't for you... You can within your first 30 days request a refund of your account by opening a 'Billing' ticket from your 'My Account' screen (linked at the top of our website).

If your ticket is opened on or before your 30th day, and the refund approval is completed on or after the 31st day you will still receive your full refund as requested.

Note: If you have pre-paid your account for more then a month, and your refund request is received on or after the 31st day, you will receive the remaining amount of funds left on your account after the 1st month is consumed.

Also any additional services such as script installations & domain name purchases will NOT be refunded as those are considerered consumables & hold no refund value.

For more information regarding this policy, please create a 'Pre-Sales Support' ticket from the 'My Account' screen (linked at the top of our website). You do not need to be a current customer to open a 'Pre-Sales' ticket

Special Promotion prices or other services offered for free that are consumed during your trial period may effect the amount of refund you receive.


  Example 1
If you purchase our Extreme Package for $19.95USD, and receive a FREE domain name. And you decide to refund, the normal price of the domain name will be deducted from the $19.95USD, so the total you would receive back is approximately $8.00USD
  Example 2 
If you purchase our Premium Package for $9.95USD, and you use your FREE script installation service (where we install for you). And you decide to refund, you would not receive a refund because the value of the service consumed would be greater then the purchase price.


What is your uptime guarantee?

Our 'UpTime Guarentee' is 99% in a calendar year. If for any reason our servers go offline or you are unable to access your website because of a server health related issue, you will recieve credit for 2 times the downtime.


Note: Issues navigating to your site that our outside our control or not related to our server's health AND downtime as result of a posted scheduled maintance of our servers is exempt from this policy.

How can I get to my email from my website?

Ah, this is quite simple. You just navigate to ''. It will automatically redirect you accordingly.

For the username, you would enter (youremail)   followed by your specially defined password.

You can also program your Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express or any other PC/Mac based software that is used for email to connect to your website, to download & send email on your behalf

Please refer to the directions provided by the software vendor for instructions on how to configure this.

You would use IMAP services, and both the 'incoming' & 'outgoing' servers are .

You may open a ticket with customer service if you have any issues or have questions about the process. IMAP mail services are available to ALL packages

How do I check my bill?

Accessing your current or previous bills/invoices is quite easy. You can do this by clicking the 'My Account' link at the top of our website, login & then click My Invoices from within your customer panel.

Having issues finding what your looking for? No Problem! Simply open a ticket with 'Billing' detailing your issue, and one of our billing agents will provide you the information you are looking for!

How do I reactivate my account if my services are suspended for Non-Payment?

Your outstanding balance must be paid in full to reactivate your account.

To do this, simply login to the  'My Account' page linked above, choose 'My Invoices' from within the customer panel & locate the invoice labeled 'Unpaid'. Once these are paid your services should be re-enabled within 15 minutes.

Paid your account balance & your account is still showing suspended? Not a problem, please open a ticket with 'Billing' and one of our billing agents will look over your account, provide you feedback on the situation if needed, or if everything looks okay they will re-enable your account!.

Note: A $10 re-activation fee may apply for accounts suspended due to Non-Payment.

What if there is an error on my bill?

We strive to provide you with the best possible experience & with that we pay close attention to our billing system to make sure everything is running smoothly. However mistakes do happen as we are all human. If you notice an issue with your bill, please contact the Billing Department by opening a ticket in the 'My Account' screen & we will look into your issue right-away & provide account credit for overcharges if needed.

We can also provide a billing extention if needed until we clear up the problem, to avoid any suspended services and or late fees.

What if I require a paper copy of my bill?

Shy Hosting is a internet based company. All invoices are posted to your account screen (My Account) in PDF format and can easily be printed to your local printer. We recommend printing your bill every month if you need a pysical copy of it.

However, if you still require a paper copy of your invoice you may request them from the billing department. You may incur the cost of postage for this request.

If you need assistance locating where within your customer panel to access these invoices, please contact support by opening a trouble ticket.

Do you install 3rd party software?

Yes, We do install any 3rd party software you may have. However this service is not free. There is a $30USD charge per software package that you request to be installed.

However, some of our packages come with FREE software installations. Look for that information on the Our Packages page.


To take advantage of your FREE Software Installation service; OR to inquire about us installing software for you; please create a Software Installation ticket from the 'My Account' screen.

Is it easy to install web-based software onto my website?

Yes, all our packages come with a service that allows you to install any of 350+ web-based applications onto your site (permitted you have enough MySQL Database slots avaiable, 1 is consumed per software installed using this service)

This service is located in your cPanel, which you will receive information on once you create your account. The feature you will be looking for is the Fantastico.

Also, we offer services to install software for you that isn't listed on the Fantastico. Depending on your package selection, you may recieve free software installs. Otherwise a installation service charge may be incurred. You will have to approve the cost of the installation which will be indicated to you at the time of the ticket before the services are completed.

Do I have to purchase a domain through to use your services?

No, you can use a domain that you have purchased else where on our servers. You will just need to login to the company's website in which you registered your domain & update the 'Name Servers' to point to our servers. The name servers will be indicated in your welcome email once you create an account & purchase a package.

For quick reference they are as follows:

You can also purchase a website domain from us directly which will automatically set your 'Name Servers' to point to our server.

Don't worry, just because you register the domain through ShyHosting doesn't reliquish your ownership or control of the domain.
You can move the domain off our servers at anytime by opening a ticket with the Billing Dept. An unlock fee may apply depending on weather or not the domain was provided to you for free as part of a promotion offer. If you need additional information about this, please create a ticket with the Billing dept.

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